Unleashing the Power of North America: A Strategic Move for Global Food & Beverage Brands to Increase their Exports

In the dynamic world of retail, seizing opportunities in North America is a strategic leap that every international food and beverage manufacturer should consider. At Yaroo co, we specialize in guiding brands from outside North America to expand successfully into this lucrative market. Let’s explore the compelling reasons why your journey should commence with online marketplaces like Amazon USA and Walmart.

Amazon US Consumer Base: A Giant Market Awaits

  • With over 170 million Prime subscribers in the United States, Amazon has a customer base equivalent to the 8th most populous country.
  • Remarkably, Amazon USA witnesses over 2.5 billion monthly visits, making it a pivotal Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) sales channel.

Amazon's Dominance in E-commerce

  • Amazon commands an impressive 40% share of all e-commerce purchases in North America. This market share makes it a gateway to the North American market.
  • By leveraging Amazon, you’re accessing a vast pool of consumers ready to explore new products.

The Top Rated Brand Launch Platform: Visibility & Engagement

  • DTC channels, notably Amazon and Walmart, are the preferred platforms to launch brands. These platforms provide unrivaled visibility and engagement.
  • The exposure your brand gains on these platforms is invaluable for market testing and brand establishment.

The ROPO Effect: Digital Presence Drives In-Store Conversions

  • The Research Online, Purchase Offline (ROPO) effect is a game-changer. About 70% of in-store shoppers check product prices and reviews on platforms like Amazon before making a purchase.
  • Your online presence can directly impact in-store sales, making a strong case for a multi-channel strategy.

Unified and Coherent Retail Strategy: Maximizing Consumer Experience

  • To ensure a seamless journey from online to offline retail, it’s imperative to execute your DTC retail strategy through your brand headquarters.
  • Aligning branding elements, pricing strategies, and brand positioning with your brand’s vision ensures consistent engagement, feedback gathering, and a holistic consumer experience.

At Yaroo co, we are your partners in North American expansion. We leverage these facts and figures to craft a tailored strategy that propels your brand into the North American market, ensuring maximum conversions and a robust online and offline presence. Join the league of global brands that have harnessed the power of North America with us. Contact us today to begin your success story.

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